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Nova Launcher supports customization of app-drawer, has a scrollable dock, notification badges, folder and icon customization, and packs around a dozen gestures for ease of use. Twitter The number of apps in Google Play Store has grown to around 3.

Top free applications

Besides, you can also play songs and add them to Spotify playlists, buy songs in Google Play Music with one tap, connect your Facebook account, etc. In addition, the app has bit AES encryption and it is entirely open source.

Top free applications

Top free applications

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  1. The app is available for free with some in-app purchases and display ads.

  2. Tiny Scanner Tiny Scanner is a scanner application that can scan every type of document and save them as image files or as PDFs.

  3. It has the ability to autofill logins in browsers and apps and can generate new and secure passwords instantly. It does have gesture typing swiping , light theming, voice typing, emoji search, GIF support, and more.

  4. It has free and necessary features like unlimited tabs, HTML5 support, desktop syncing, quick links to favorite sites, built-in Google search and Google translate, etc. Thanks to this, there is quite a bit of variety.

  5. Google Maps is definitely the more powerful of the two. The choice is yours.

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