Top 10 reasons why men cheat


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What is the reason for such actions? Rebel against nature is possible.

Top 10 reasons why men cheat

There is one more ancient habit - a man has a predisposition to change partners from time to time, as animals do. While forgiving a past affair can be commended, often it sends the cheating partner a destructive message: Even though they may know it is wrong, the thrill of such a risk can be hard to resists for some.

Top 10 reasons why men cheat

Top 10 reasons why men cheat

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  1. They fail to control instincts and succumb to the desire to spend time with one more woman in his life.

  2. Either way it's win-win for the cheater.

  3. What is the reason for such actions? Often it doesn't matter how honest, committed or in love you think you are - when temptation comes knocking morals can weaken, just look at the current political scandal that's shocked Australia this past week.

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  5. Boredom After the initial honeymoon period wears off it can be tough to keep the spark alive in a relationship.

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