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I was thrilled to finally use it. And no, frying them does not do anything for me. She was concerned that they'd be too mushy.


So, while seven quart mason jars sterilized in boiling water , Rob and I poked cherry tomatoes, sliced the bigger pear-shaped tomatoes in half and prepared spices. I called my mom, a canner extraordinaire, to see what she thought about processing some quarts of green tomato pickles. I also sterilized the lids, but didn't try to get them to seal or anything.



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  1. But it looked like rain Saturday morning, so I told myself I'd just go out to the garden and pick some green tomatoes before it got too muddy. It's been in there since I bought it secondhand at least three years ago.

  2. This is a fairly flexible recipe. That thing took over half the yard.

  3. So then, I started searching recipes for refrigerated green tomato pickles.

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