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With bluesman Charlie Musselwhite , reedman Colin Stetson , bassist and guitarist Larry Taylor , marimbist Andrew Borger , and others -- Waits plays piano, organ, marimba, calliope, and guitar -- this is a theater piece that feels like a collection of songs that reflect a perverse sense of black humor and authentic wickedness in places. It would be difficult for me to pick a favorite song from the thirteen tracks on here.

Tom waits blood money review

Well, I'd have to say it's a combination of blues, rock, and folk, with some real circus-sounding shit thrown in for good measure. These tracks vary from country ballad to rhumbas, via jazz and soul influences, and frequent fall somewhere in the middle as a combination of all these elements.

Tom waits blood money review

Tom waits blood money review

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  1. Musically, the albums are not as different as initial press reports suggested. Let's not forget Waits' voice, which has just gotten more gravelly over time, to the point where you can't help but wonder how he manages to do it and not completely destroy his vocal chords.

  2. This is not entirely true but has some of these sentiments about the song. For starters, the set opens with "Misery Is the River of the World," a circus-like tango wrapped around a series of dialectical aphorisms:

  3. Tom Waits' Blood money delivers full of melancholy themes, vast range of instruments to leave a hauntingly beautiful album.

  4. And, also, with a heavy dose of Waits' coal-black sense of humour, which makes the album infinitely more likeable than this review might suggest.

  5. What does it sound like, you ask?

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