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We ask parents to please support these club fundraising initiatives. Sheila Flanagan - for your generosity of sharing your classroom. We strive to educate life skills though dramatic venues.



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  1. Parents - the last 5 months couldn't have been a sucess without your support to this program.

  2. Amanda Teano - for helping us with Wednesday practices whether it be prompting the actors with lines, or stepping in the scenes to rehearse with various actors; we greatly appreciate your love and dedication to St. Toni Gasiorowski - for being our "ticket master" for the past six years.

  3. Parents - the last 5 months couldn't have been a sucess without your support to this program. There were plenty of times it looked like they had done enough and they sure put everyone through the ringer with two extra times in succession!

  4. Lotto There was no jackpot winner from the lotto draw on September 21st.

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