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We can do this by swiping left or right, it doesn't really matter. This is where you will find additional photos to reverse image search and link to other profiles.

Tinder username search

Google image search is a powerful tool. While we covered simply finding a profile in a way that should leave the target no indication they've been found, many hackers see dating profiles as a legitimate point of entry for phishing and social engineering attacks. The best way to be involved is to be part of the conversation on our Twitter , YouTube , and in the comments below.

Tinder username search

Tinder username search

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  1. We can repeat this process to send Edith on a search of each one-mile radius area we suspect the target may be lingering in, pulling in anyone who matches the age of our target. Building a profile to a human target is multi-faceted.

  2. From the point of view of an open-source intelligence OSINT researcher or hacker conducting recon, dating websites are a unique collection of searchable databases.

  3. The best way to thinking about it is finding far-flung but connected puzzle pieces of data to fill in an overall picture of what that person's actual and perceived life is like. Many times, data found within dating profiles can provide that missing context to understand how a person thinks.

  4. The point is to keep looking until we find our target. Add the extension and accept any permissions it needs, and you'll see an icon appear in the top right of your add-ons bar.

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