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Leaving comments is a highly under rated aspect of YouTube that is often overlooked when viewing videos. In other words the features and tools Youtube possess is often similar to major social networking sites such as Facebook or Myspace.


At this stage the video consisted of primarily still images transitioning into informative text and so forth. I understand this technique can be repetitive, which is something to be resolved in video draft 2. Images, such as tape recorders etc.



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  1. Why do they comment on certain videos and not others?

  2. Why do people flame him?

  3. What do they hope to achieve out of this? CyberPsychology and Behaviour, 7, Advertisements November 19, in Uncategorized Leave a comment Some if not all of these questions will be raised throughout the bulk of my proposed research.

  4. Comments are primarily used in YouTube to express opinions and information, however why do people flame?

  5. Especially the impact these comments have on other users and the uploader… Draft 1 video was created in Windows Movie Maker. Okay, it might seem long, but the emphasis is about users flaming, and the reactions from both the up-loader and other YouTube users.

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