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There was a prawning fleet and by it had its own fish market. Along the shoreline is an excellent boat ramp, a substantial marina, a jetty and fish market.

Tin can bay qld

Wild dolphins come to the jetty to feed. Boat Hire The waters of Tin Can Inlet and Snapper Creek are well protected from the ocean and consequently ideal for sailing, boating, sightseeing, bird watching and fishing. Although it was once the main southern access point for Fraser Island, Tin Can Bay has remained relatively unchanged.

Tin can bay qld

Tin can bay qld

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  1. There are lots of detailed signs explaining the flora did you know, for example, that Pink Bloodwood was ideal for stumps and telegraph posts? It is ideal for people who love spending time on boats as there are numerous places that provide safe anchorage and, apart from excellent fishing, there is the opportunity to see dolphins, dugongs it is a designated dugong sanctuary , turtles and migratory trans-equatorial shorebirds.

  2. There was a prawning fleet and by it had its own fish market.

  3. There is a specific Foreshore Bird Walk with phots for identification and detailed descriptions of such unusual birds as the Nankeen Night Heron and a small bridge offers a superb opportunity to study the strange intricacy of mangrove swamplands.

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