Tigers in the mud


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He spends a lot of time defending the regular German soldier against what he feels is persecution by everyone outside the armed forces. The whole book is a fascinating glimpse into what happened, but I'm left wishing I could see more. I can only imagine the lot of a German soldier post war, and thus I understand a bit why he's doing it, but it doesn't read well.

Tigers in the mud

Jedna zvjezdica manje zbog toga. The meeting with Himmler and the generals discussing arming the Croats to fight the Serbs.

Tigers in the mud

Tigers in the mud

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  1. The authour's opinion of Russian and American fighting abilities. First up, I suspect the translation was done by someone less than ideal.

  2. It stands in complete contrast to A Bloody War:

  3. There are a lot of interesting tidbits about what life was like for tankers on the Eastern Front, but it's not what I hoping for.

  4. It stands in complete contrast to A Bloody War:

  5. Secondly, the authour obviously had a couple of axes to grind here.

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