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Carmiesha also has a son who everyone thinks is her nephew. Feb 18, Wynnter Mcgee rated it it was amazing This book is about Andre aka Thug who is just another person from the hood trying to make it.

Thug a licious

Thug had received his name from his grandmother, Mi Mi, who said he would grow up to be a Thug. Andre has the choice of going to the NBA and college.

Thug a licious

Thug a licious

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  1. It'll be a surprise to find out who fathered her child. Pimp Williams, his older cousin and ex-partner in crime, is a cold-blooded killer who spreads havoc all over Harlem and will stop at nothing to get what he wants-even if it means betraying his own family, crushing Carmeshia, and forcing Harlem's black prince down to his knees and back to his bloody beginnings.

  2. What I disliked about this book is how some events were rushed and no reasoning behind it.

  3. This book had it all.

  4. But thanks to his nearly ankle-breaking hoop moves and explosive mic skills, he made it out-and dominates the rap scene with chart-topping urban hits. A habit of sneaking up on you when you ain't looking.

  5. A rising star who carried street dreams on his back.

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