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Thots urban dictionary

It is illogical to discard a diamond and replace it with a rock because of the drop in value: He notes that they typically avoid the more traditional business jargon, which signals power in an organization, and is often used to intimidate or exclude others. Origin The exact origin of thot is unknown, however word was first defined on Urban Dictionary on December 5th, and has since been independently defined times.

Thots urban dictionary

Thots urban dictionary

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  1. Since some can even experience their 15 minutes of viral video fame as a result of a twerk Vine, the phrase do it for the Vine has leverage in persuading someone to do anything they wouldn't normally do not just twerking for the sake of humour or interest.

  2. Her behaviour would be unsuitable in polite company.

  3. Previously used only by men toward women, this is a woman not wanting to associate herself with anything having to do with thots. She is a common enough occurrence for her value to have diminished.

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