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Following Radiohead's Pablo Honey tour of America, he became disenchanted with being "right at the sharp end of the sexy, sassy, MTV eye-candy lifestyle" he felt he was helping sell. It became the most torrented album of excluding piracy , [51] with over a million downloads in its first six days. But in practice it is very different.

Thom yorke dating

I hated the Britpop thing and what was happening in America, but Aphex was totally beautiful, and he's kind of my age too. In , Rolling Stone ranked him the 66th, writing that "by the turn of the century Yorke's voice had made him one of the most influential singers of his generation," influencing bands including Muse , Coldplay , Travis , and Elbow.

Thom yorke dating

Thom yorke dating

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  1. Tortured often seems the only way to do things early on, but that in itself becomes tired.

  2. Aphex opened up another world that didn't involve my fucking electric guitar

  3. It's a competition to see who 'wins' the painting, which one of us takes possession of it in an artistic way. I do something, then he fucks it up, then I fuck up what he's done … and we keep doing that until we're happy with the result.

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