Thick booty sex


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You have a soothing touch. She let go of her tits, reached around and grabbed my ass and crushed her upper body against me.

Thick booty sex

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Thick booty sex

Thick booty sex

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  1. She was hot and moist between her legs as I traced the wet thong to its resting place; snug and tight between her creamy pussy lips.

  2. As she began to relax, I slipped the white sock off and she lifted her foot and put in between my legs with the heel resting on the cushion and the light sole of her foot millimeters from my hard dick. She looked at me and with a wicked gleam in her eye, she purposely used her toes to dig into my crotch right where my hard dick was curled up.

  3. She couldn't hold those thick legs up too long and she pulled her knees back and spread them and I saw her thong had sliced into the phat, juicy halves of the phattest pussy I have ever seen! She let go of her tits, reached around and grabbed my ass and crushed her upper body against me.

  4. I stopped in the men's room to take a quick leak before going back onto the floor. I sat on the commode feeling the friction between my pumping hand and the dry skin of my throbbing cock building up.

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