The welcome stranger nugget


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We have lots of unusual items. It is worthy of remark that at the time of our visit, Deason and his mate were working away in their shirtsleeves at the claim as if nothing had happened out of the ordinary.

The welcome stranger nugget

An error of Mr Rays was that the nugget was taken in the farm waggonette. On the day of the big find there were 2oz of unsold gold in the house.

The welcome stranger nugget

The welcome stranger nugget

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  1. They pointed out to us a peculiar kind of red clay similar to half burnt brick, which they regard as indicative of gold, and which has always been found associated with their larger finds, and particularly so with the immense mass of gold found by them on Friday last.

  2. An ounce be blowed said Deason.

  3. The gold was smelted and yielded ozs of gold, over 23 carats fine.

  4. At first there was much quartz with the gold. About 5 ozs of gold was given away and this has never been reckoned in with the weight of the nugget as sold to the bank.

  5. On the whole they have just managed to make a living by dint of hard work and thrift. We took it out of the dray and put it in the fireplace, built a good fire on it and kept it burning for about 10 hours, leaving it to cool for 2 hours.

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