The truth about thigh gaps


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Can you get a thigh gap? Kimberly graduated from Brown University, where her senior thesis exploring the history and evolution of sexual-health content in girls' magazines earned honors in Women's Studies. Did you find this article informative?

The truth about thigh gaps

Ramani Durvasula , a licensed clinical psychologist and professor of psychology. In addition to the promise of male attention, some women want to have thigh gaps because having one is like becoming a member of an exclusive club.

The truth about thigh gaps

The truth about thigh gaps

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  1. Some people with wide pelvises may have leg bones that are farther apart giving them a thigh gap , while people with narrower pelvises may have leg bones set closer together, closing the gap. Look at any women's fitness magazine and you'll see plenty of headlines dedicated to workouts that will help achieve thighs so slim that a gap forms.

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