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The kitchen, under the direction of Rob Lawler while chef de cuisine Deirdre Borer is on maternity leave, knows its stuff and makes good choices. We work hard to keep our staff happy with us, many of our staff stay on our team for years.

The truffle table denver

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The truffle table denver

The truffle table denver

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  1. Truffle Table is a small restaurant with a surprisingly small kitchen, so we all do everything involved in opening and closing the restaurant together. There is no hood, so we mostly serve cheese and cured meat boards, interesting soups, salads and snacky foods.

  2. In a world with too many choices, having it pre-set was another welcome move that took the pressure off.

  3. When the restaurant first opened, Rob Lawler says he expected to run it as he does his cheese shop, introducing people to the intricacies of rinds and textures and even offering classes.

  4. There is no hood, so we mostly serve cheese and cured meat boards, interesting soups, salads and snacky foods.

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