The tim ferriss experiment


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Yeah, be open with me. Or why do you think the book did this well? We'll have in the show notes, but this is live, Fire Nation.

The tim ferriss experiment

Say another book, TV, this podcast. He was out there evangelizing, and today we see the fruits of all of that creativity and all that energy.

The tim ferriss experiment

The tim ferriss experiment

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  1. Because no, I was talking about meditation.

  2. I really saw things that blew my mind. They announced their existence or their launch of Amazon Publishing to compete head-to-head against Random House and Simon Schuster in the New York Times with this book.

  3. But literally, I was like wait a second. It was podcasts like yours, like Joe Rogan, like Marc Maron that convinced me to give that a shot.

  4. Tone of injuries, lots of embarrassing moments for me. This interview that we're talking on right now is going live on May 1st.

  5. And you see some in the episode. And you said even though you enjoyed … Tim:

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