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I've said it before, but the staff at the Swiss are simply amazing. So we hopped it up a bit. Through it all, the Swiss Tavern - or, to the initiated, The Swiss - stood alone.

The swiss pub tacoma

There used to be buildings hanging by a nail, people sleeping on colorful plastic in the Greyhound station, tumbleweeds. The vendors we used photobooth, DJ, cake baker loved the simplicity of setting up and dropping off in a venue accustomed to handling events like this. I handed them out all night.

The swiss pub tacoma

The swiss pub tacoma

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  1. I've said it before, but the staff at the Swiss are simply amazing.

  2. A large dance floor invites all to join in the fun.

  3. Indoor Which of the following wedding events does your venue service?

  4. Hill was in command behind the bar.

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