The probability broach


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En route to the meeting of the Continental Congress , Ed and Clarissa are kidnapped, leaving Win and Lucy to reveal the plot. Also, when the Hamiltonian Society threatens to bring soldiers from the authoritarian universe into North America armed with atomic weapons, the Continental Congress states that they can do nothing about it.

The probability broach

However, The Probability Broach attempts to avoid this by making the story enjoyable and somewhat ridiculous. The point of divergence that creates the libertarian world is one that actually rarely comes up in early American history. While reading this I was unable to forget for a moment that the author was going far over the top to sell me something, and quite simply while I don't believe in any of the possibilities that Smith promises, I also find the libertarian ideology inherently flawed as it is.

The probability broach

The probability broach

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  1. Unless you are already strongly libertarian, I suggest passing over this book in favor of something, anything, better.

  2. Not a single soul on this earth.

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