The fappinning


Video about the fappinning:

And blaming the victim continues: More than happy to post a dick pic for you, be my pleasure: Her pics and and her two daughters all leaked.

The fappinning

I could probably link some bullshit buzzword to that like "fat shaming" or "blaming the uggo. They say no but that's bullshit and we all know it.

The fappinning

The fappinning

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Clearly, there are places who round it's wrong, but do it anyway. All well and great advice. Or since you're the fappinning not major enough for anyone to have headed for regain pictures of you.
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  1. Or maybe you're just not attractive enough for anyone to have asked for dirty pictures of you.

  2. And blaming the victim continues:

  3. I'd fap over a current Jessica Lange! All true and great advice.

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