The controlling personality


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Emotional Instability Andrea Bonoir, Ph. The article to come, points out more factors that define controlling people. Controlling people often lack sensitivity and tact in their interactions with you.

The controlling personality

If ever they say that the only person you need is them, then start to question things rapidly. You may also find that they answer the phone and make it difficult for you to speak to your friends, and this can even be scary in extreme cases.

The controlling personality

The controlling personality

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  1. All these statements reek of control.

  2. There is constant criticism doled out for every small thing. Controlling people often lack sensitivity and tact in their interactions with you.

  3. What are the personality traits of a person of this nature, and how is one to deal with that?

  4. For that reason you might then find that they subtly try to isolate you from your friends.

  5. They try to isolate you If someone wants to control you then they will want to control you right down to your very thoughts.

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