Texting games with emojis


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Abbreviations Have your friend guess what you are doing by texting the first letter of each thing using only abbreviation. Words In Reverse Text your friend a sentence, but write all the words in reverse order. The first person sends the lyrics of a song using emojis, and the opponent then has to guess the song.

Texting games with emojis

The first person begins by texting a word or phrase. Song Lyrics Text lines from a song for the other person to guess. Remember to make it a tough one so that they have to wrack their brains to answer the question.

Texting games with emojis

Texting games with emojis

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  1. Movie Lines First, pick a category, then turn your conversation into movie lines. Now each person needs to unscramble and break up the word and use the letters to make as many individual words as possible.

  2. The questions can be the type of questions that are asked in a job interview, but you can get even more personal with your friend if you are wanting to know them even better.

  3. Text them back and forth, and add a funny caption for an added twist. This game is a great travel game or party booster.

  4. You text the first word and have your friend create a word using the letters in your word. The rules are the same.

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