Tease and denial how to


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If you have to go somewhere to do or get something, don't tell him how long you will be gone. My low opinion of a man's self control aside, even if your sub won't come on his own, he is in such a submissive mindset at this point that he doesn't want to be able to sneak off and come by himself. It's the perfect time to experiment with rimming since it's not only a very humiliating and submissive task, but easily and quickly executed.

Tease and denial how to

Scrabble Tiles One bag of scrabble tiles. Rather than building his sexual desire over time, you are forcing him to his boiling point.

Tease and denial how to

Tease and denial how to

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  1. Your best options are to either make him earn his orgasm through an act of kink, or to ultimately deny him and stop teasing. You could use the opportunity to get him to swallow his own cum.

  2. You can use a single die or app for a similar effect.

  3. The best sessions start at roughly an hour, but I've heard of people going longer than 4 hours.

  4. Are there any tools to use?

  5. If you have to go somewhere to do or get something, don't tell him how long you will be gone.

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