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Before attending the party shower, brush your teeth, shave, clip and clean your finger nails and any other personal hygiene things that needs to be done just do it. There is a plate of condoms on the table, rather like a bowl of sweeties, and I am offered oysters to go with my Coke, but I decline them too a vegan teetotaller goes to an orgy — sounds like a terrible joke, and yet here I am.

Swingers party invite

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Swingers party invite

Swingers party invite

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  1. If you turn up in a mess I don't think you and partner will be invited to the next one. Previous experience of a sex party, again gamely undertaken in the name of research, was at a much larger private house in London with enormous rooms for open sex, smaller private rooms, sweeping hallways, and a fully furnished fetish room full of eye-watering equipment.

  2. Once rented, members can come and go as they please and know that the VIP suite is theirs for the taking when they want to have their own sexy private party. But we all know where those votes will end up.

  3. Upstairs, the couples paired off like mayflies, and those who were not at it gathered to watch, sipping drinks and chatting, as normal as any other cocktail party apart from the sex going on right in front of them.

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