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I have never felt like such a piece of meat by basically every person in the club, not just a few guys or a few women. I have a close friend now who is polyamorous but that's completely different.

Swingers forums

J JennyLame My parents were swingers before I was born. And commiserate with you about barely having the energy for sex with each other, ha!

Swingers forums

Swingers forums

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  1. If I've ever felt disconnected from my husband, just busy with life, I feel more emotionally connected to him after sex. They enjoyed swinging, but eventually years later she cheated on him in that case, it was not an agreement between the married couple and secretive.

  2. I always wondered what happened to the groups as the show ended after a few seasons. Back in the day they had clubs for swingers but they were illegal.

  3. It was an experience I will never forget.

  4. She was very open telling me about her experiences.

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