Susan cain the power of introverts


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Her thesis — built on the assumption that almost everyone in the world can be squeezed into one of two boxes — may topple if it turns out that loads of us are essentially ambiverts. A bit like the Pixar offices. It's a Female Eunuch for anxious nerds.

Susan cain the power of introverts

Even though I'm in many ways a textbook introvert my crushing need for "restorative niches" such as toilet cubicles is eerie I'm actually an ambivert. Cain was listed in Inc. The Secret Strengths of Introverts , which focused on introverted children and teens, the book also directed to their educators and parents.

Susan cain the power of introverts

Susan cain the power of introverts

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  1. In this she reminds me of the similarly measured Jonathan Safran Foer , whose anti-meat lectures climax in a suggestion that we should try if possible to eat one or two vegetarian meals a week.

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