Subtle signs of jealousy in a man


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You beg him to give your relationship another try, you profess your love for him, you do whatever it takes to keep things afloat. When a man feels susceptible to being powerless in the outcome of the possibility of your actions, jealous behavior impels him to confront you with unfounded accusations.

Subtle signs of jealousy in a man

Unhealthy jealousy is your man walking over to that same guy and challenging him to a fight right there — just for a look. Insecurity masquerading as concern is a very manipulative way for an obsessively jealous boyfriend to get what he wants, which is you all to himself.

Subtle signs of jealousy in a man

Subtle signs of jealousy in a man

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  1. Leave him hanging instead. Because they know how to think before they speak.

  2. He loses his temper easily Does he lose his temper easily with his family?

  3. This is obsessive stalkerish behavior being passed off as something endearing and let us tell you now that it most definitely is not.

  4. When does he touch you?

  5. She thinks she can win him over anyway or that he can change. Guys are such ego maniacs.

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