Submissive sexual behaviour


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Though it may seem intense, this sort of play is often tailored to match deep-seated fantasies that the sub harbors but has been unable to express outside of the emotionally safe space of the scene. Kissing his hands in gratitude for whatever they will offer me in these moments.

Submissive sexual behaviour

The level and type of submission can vary from person to person, and from one time to another. After the initial opiate like euphoria wears off, many subs feel what's often called a "drop" or a "subdrop.

Submissive sexual behaviour

Submissive sexual behaviour

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  1. I feel so self-conscious every time I participate in this ritual.

  2. But I think we hide behind "love" so we don't have to take responsibility for our desire, which may have nothing at all to do with gushy emotion and everything to do with raw sexual pleasure. Some people derive erotic pleasure from the submissiveness of a sex partner, which they may regard as a turn-on ; and some people regard obvious passivity as a form of feminine flirting or seduction.

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