Submissive kink


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Consent can be limited both in duration and content. Consensual non-consensuality is a mutual agreement to act as if consent has been waived within safe, sane limits.

Submissive kink

Some ceremonies become quite elaborate, and can be as involved as a wedding or any similar ritual. Many people—for example, some in the punk rock and goth subcultures —wear collars for other reasons, such as fashion.

Submissive kink

Submissive kink

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  1. March Learn how and when to remove this template message Some people maintain a special room or area, called a dungeon , which contains special equipment shackles , handcuffs , whips , queening stools , and spanking benches or a Berkley horse , for example used for play scenes, or they may visit a BDSM club that maintains such facilities. It can be much like a wedding band, except that only the submissive partner wears one.

  2. Some contracts can become quite detailed and run for many pages, especially if a scene is to last a weekend or more. This section does not cite any sources.

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