Submissive fantasies


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What excites most women about this fantasy isn't vaginal or anal trauma or being beaten, it's the power dynamic and the ability of being safely helpless. Whips and chains and shit in our own personal dungeon in the basement which is totally not creepy and filled with old mattresses and feral cats, in this fantasy universe.

Submissive fantasies

Submissive Fantasies Written by my assistant Submissive fantasies are common among both men and women, but while such male fantasies are often glossed over as "private" and "no one else's business", women's submissive fantasies are often seen as dangerous and up for discussion. We found some kind of… balance. You have to look for it, hard, for years sometimes ten in my case!

Submissive fantasies

Submissive fantasies

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  1. What if I could just never sit down again because of all the bruises on top of bruises?

  2. A certain brand of feminist places a simulated rape performed by two individuals who have negotiated rules, duration, safe words, etc.

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