Stupid laws in arizona


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If you think any of the laws on this page are not accurate or do not remain active in Arizona, let me know in the comments below. Many of these seemingly odd laws are tied to a specific incident or set of circumstances that tend to make them more understandable.

Stupid laws in arizona

For example, you can get 25 years in prison for cutting a cactus down. Looks like someone needs to familiarize themselves with the county's zoning ordinances. Besides a few hard-core Dr.

Stupid laws in arizona

Stupid laws in arizona

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  1. Neither the zoning ordinances nor the rules on adult businesses make any such claim.

  2. The expenses of an emergency response are a charge against the person liable for those expenses pursuant to subsection A or B of this section. Some are more recent, but still have people scratching their heads.

  3. He believes they exist partly because so many different people came to live in Arizona throughout the years. Well, there are camel in Arizona, but you'll probably find them at the Phoenix Zoo.

  4. Keep in mind that these are actual Arizona laws either in effect today or in law at one point in time: Camels were more adept to the desert and could live on much less water than a horse.

  5. Variants of this fake law are attributed to various states and locales. Any misdemeanor committed while wearing a red mask is considered a felony Arizona Revised Statutes show some arguably weird laws involving masks, but this ain't one of 'em.

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