Stop maturbating


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See how firm their grip is. Masturbation is neither bad nor immoral.

Stop maturbating

While the first thing is good for you and generally has no effect on your level of motivation, masturbation just wears you out and makes you a lazy fuck. Occasionally, masturbation can become problematic. Be honest Masturbation often carries a stigma.

Stop maturbating

Stop maturbating

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  1. Counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists are all trained to help people with varying levels of addiction. I eventually got a girlfriend.

  2. After say 10 days of not ejaculating you acutally LIKE working on a project, be it your career or your body or whatever.

  3. If you have the tendency to masturbate looking at porn on the computer, try moving your computer into a room where others can see you.

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