Stimulate perineum


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Don't do it for too long and alternate with other movements, but devote special attention to this spot Oral stimulation We've already given you tips about how to stimulate the penis and how to do the same with your partner's testicles , so you know that your mouth is a great way to excite your partner. Give her erotic shivers by using a piece of ice up and down her perineum while kissing her passionately. During intercourse or toy play, tap her perineum with your fingertips increasing the speed, as she gets closer to orgasm.

Stimulate perineum

Wikimedia Commons How to Stimulate the Perineum Both men and women can benefit from stimulating the perineum and the area can be massaged internally and externally. Steelsmith explained that the fluid, though it does emerge from the urethral opening, is not urine.

Stimulate perineum

Stimulate perineum

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  1. Tips Explore your partner's body and take him to the heights of pleasure Start with delicate movements and watch his reaction, if he likes it, don't hesitate to continue and bring him to climax.

  2. These reach downward and to the sides, along the pubic arch, for about four inches. Some may find the area ticklish, since it has so many nerve endings.

  3. The crura and bulbs are made of erectile tissue—which means that stimulation of those areas causes the tissues to swell with blood, leading to very enjoyable sensations.

  4. Receiving oral sex for a woman is one of the great wonders of the world, so licking her perineum from one end to the other using your tongue in zig-zag motions will definitely give her pleasure.

  5. Some women report very pleasurable sensations when firm, rhythmic pressure is used. Experts say that stimulating and massaging the area during sex enhances sexual pleasure and leads to mind-blowing orgasms.

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