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In the season they achieved what in hindsight was a miraculous feat and won promotion to the football league. Roberts was the kind of figure it's almost impossible to have in the mayfly world of Non-League level, where the contracts are often as short as a manager's tenure and an entirely new squad is assembled most summers.

Stevenage ten pin bowling

Early marketing videos present Stevenage as a self-contained place where there were jobs and services in the town for the people who lived there. Regardless of where blame should be apportioned - things changed significantly. From there the ascent to the football conference was rapid.

Stevenage ten pin bowling

Stevenage ten pin bowling

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  1. In less recent history, prior to the war, Stevenage was little more than sparsely populated farmland and a dozing high-street, a town held in stasis since the carriages from the Great North Road dried up and the trains rolled in.

  2. As well as putting the logistical and institutional keystones in place Wallace can claim to have made another huge contribution - he hired the manager that took Stevenage into the League. It was a long way from roped pitches in King George's park.

  3. There were obstacles that had to be surmounted before the football club became, as Younge says, "central to the flowering of an organic identity in the town". Currently coming to national prominence for their riotous, righteous live performances as well as their incandescent perspective on national politics, the band put on shows where to be in the audience is akin to slowly watching a man, in this case lead singer Chris Dodd, disintegrate before your eyes.

  4. Offices for the "Stevenage Corporation" were set up in a number of areas of the capital.

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