Statistics on second marriages


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For remarried people who have young children, Burzumato recommends seeking the help of a family counselor to aid with stepfamily issues. Race and Ethnicity Among adults who have been divorced or widowed and are thus eligible to remarry, whites are the most likely to have married again, and this likelihood has increased somewhat in recent decades. The same factor may be contributing to increases in remarriage among older adults.

Statistics on second marriages

Age composition is playing a role in these patterns—the fact that whites tend to be older may contribute to their higher likelihood of remarriage, for instance. However, regardless of the statistics, it is also very clear that much anxiety is embedded in the decision to remarry.

Statistics on second marriages

Statistics on second marriages

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  1. This analysis only considered marital histories up to age Sometimes it was a mismatch right from the beginning but more often there was a genuine sense of being in love and an experience of being best friends and lovers.

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