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According to the USDA, every man woman and child in the US consumes approximately 80 pounds of caloric sweeteners per year! The benchmark is mg, and the current recommendation is to drink up to 3 cups of coffee per day.

Ssips iced tea

This means not a lot of antioxidants are left over by the time you drink your tea. It takes our body close to 8 hours to metabolize a single cup of coffee. More info Bottled teas have almost NO antioxidants Bottled tea is not a good source of antioxidants.

Ssips iced tea

Ssips iced tea

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  1. That works out to 25 tsp of sugars per day, or extra calories!

  2. Brown coloring in sodas and some other products is not the same thing. The chemical reactions create 4-methylimidazole, which in government-conducted studies caused lung, liver, or thyroid cancer or leukemia in laboratory mice or rats.

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