Sprint program for fat loss


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Focus on Sprint Quality Maintaining a high level of movement quality during sprinting is important as it reduces the risk of sustaining both soft tissue and overuse injuries. If anything, my diet has gotten better.

Sprint program for fat loss

Aim to complete five to seven rounds of this sprint and push-up duo workout. Short, sweet, and effective!

Sprint program for fat loss

Sprint program for fat loss

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  1. I set forth to figure out how I could fix it and get shredded like when I was a kid.

  2. When I was , man, I was a beast. Use Hill Sprints First In a similar line of thought, hill sprints should be performed early in the program, before flat ground sprints.

  3. Consequently, by ensuring that each individual sprint is performed at near maximal intensity, the elevated energy expenditure after the exercise will also be higher.

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