Sperm banks in morgantown wv


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Sperm donors go through a thorough screening process and the donors are asked about their personal and family health histories going back several generations. NPR's Rebecca Hersher has the story. And what do you get from it other than the satisfaction of helping them?

Sperm banks in morgantown wv

Instead, she's decided not to rush into having a child just yet. But there are anecdotes, and people have come forward saying they've tried it. But she doesn't have a partner, and she says buying sperm from a sperm bank is too expensive for her.

Sperm banks in morgantown wv

Sperm banks in morgantown wv

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  1. So, can I ask what he looks like?

  2. And Bethany Gardner, it's cofounder, says, while most donors are trustworthy, like it or not, some men are in it just for the sex. They emailed, exchanged photos, and eventually spoke using Skype.

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