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The song felt like a soundtrack to the tour, and this was the final scene. It always made for a fun night when he was in good mood. Decidedly little on paper, but when CC Spina and Tone Catalano joined musical forces to form Little Hurricane in , it was The Specials who provided a key jumping off point for their musical exploration.

Specials songs list

Tone first heard it on a punk covers CD he got in high school, while I first heard it as part of a Sublime song when I was maybe At the very least this debut is essential for anybody who wants to know what's going on in rock'n'roll today".

Specials songs list

Specials songs list

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  1. At the very least this debut is essential for anybody who wants to know what's going on in rock'n'roll today". I treasure the times I got to watch him play, and was devastated to hear he had passed.

  2. Dark though Stereotypes might have been, only a milquetoast could deny it was also truly electrifying.

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