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Currently the World Monocot Checklist recognizes approximately 68 species and 9 natural hybrids, now including the Brazilian Laelias in Sophronitis Laelia purpurata is now Sophronitis purpurata. Provide "cattleya" light conditions, or greater, as this is what these species often receive in nature.


In most cases of other color varieties, the ribbed parts of the flower are usually crimson, and at the base of the lip, they have a slightly yellow or orange color. Schumacher asserted in his book Small is Beautiful, "small" is best even economically. The use of "cinasita," a small-sized turface a baked clay material has not yielded satisfactory results in Sophronitis culture, except when used as drainage material only.



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  1. There is no doubt that my experiences with the culture of the Brazilian species are influenced by the fact that I grow these orchids in the same region where and are found.

  2. Today these species are considered to be part of a much-expanded genus Cattleya that includes not only Sophronitis but the Brazilian laelias as well.

  3. The artificial growing environments created for these Sophronitis species should be as similar as possible to the local conditions where the plants were collected. In sphagnum moss, on the other hand, root growth is luxuriant, pointing out how vigorous this and other Brazilian Sophronitis can be when provided with ideal growing conditions.

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