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If social consciousness is defined as being aware of everything that occurs around oneself at both a local and global level, then socially conscious individuals have an uphill climb. These low-VOC volatile organic compound insecticides kill everything from roaches to fleas.

Socially concious

If you wonder why, take your store-bought bottle of all-purpose cleaner and read the ingredients. If it were between regular coffee and fair-trade coffee that tasted just as good but was priced higher, I would still choose the coffee that is fair-trade. Not only does social consciousness make your employees happy, but it also makes investors happy, too.

Socially concious

Socially concious

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  1. Having a social consciousness program can help them do just that, giving them a greater sense of belonging and a deeper sense of purpose at work.

  2. Or you can tackle one of the most pressing problems to the environment; the need to burn dirty coal to create electricity.

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