Smartass birthday wishes


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Never hurts to spread a little more positivity to this world. Speak their language and send them blessings using words from this.

Smartass birthday wishes

Cheering on, well wishes Wishing you lots of [good thing], Good things can include happiness and even chocolate, whatever the person likes. A lot of things, and actually nothing. Express gratitude, appreciation Thank you for [something specific they did to help you], Being grateful for someone helping you goes a long way.

Smartass birthday wishes

Smartass birthday wishes

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  2. Consequently, after the first email, it may not make sense to keep including one. Second, a simple positive thought goes a long way to show that you care about the other person in some way.

  3. Speak their language and send them blessings using words from this. Im glad i finally checked out the infamous miss wigman look forward to reading More.

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