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If the kids have a goal, or they are all focused on experimenting, then they get into a flow with the toy and really start experimenting and building. All our toys are made of high quality non-toxic materials. Order your BPA free boy or girl toys today!


Straws are simple enough even for some 2 and 3 year olds to put together - they can even build towers and all sorts of things with this kit. For kids older than 4 year olds, they will likely be able to understand the engineering part behind it, and get the STEM mindsets of experimentation, categorizing, and iteration It is easy to take the pieces apart and snap them back together.



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  1. These Montessori Materials counting toys with 6 puzzle boards for boys and girls include learning and identifying more complex colors and matching advanced shapes. The structure isn't strong enough to hold the weight of a sheet.

  2. But one that your kids are going to love, to build big, proper structures for themselves.

  3. Little toddlers like it, but they can't figure out snapping pieces lessons -- they lack the fine motor skills required to really play and experiment with the pieces..

  4. The toys can be adapted and played with in different ways. Babies can use the 24 pegs baby blocks for the peg board on puzzle mat as stacking toys.

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