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You can even create your own settings! Come up with a budget that will not put you into debt or delay other big life plans.

Sites like blue nile

If you must finance an engagement ring , however, make sure you pick the smartest option. Who Should Buy from Whiteflash Whiteflash is for those who value quality and understand the importance of cut.

Sites like blue nile

Sites like blue nile

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  1. You can also get a Real-Time Diamond Consultation so a staff member can explain the images to you and help you decide. Chain jewelry stores have much higher prices due to overhead.

  2. For yellow gold or rose gold bands, you can safely go down to a J or K in color and save even more.

  3. Read this comparison to learn more about the differences between these two online retailers.

  4. Read on for a review of the world famous Tiffany's.

  5. For our best expert tips, check out our detailed article on what affects diamond prices. Here are tips you need to know to get the best deal:

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