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In , density of Sikkim was 76 per sq km, while nation average in was per sq km. Increase in female literacy also tells an optimistic story. The Sikkim census of says population of Sikkim is the least in all of India.

Sikkim sex

In total Sikkim SK state comprises 4 districts. Sikkim Literacy Rate Literacy rate in Sikkim has seen upward trend and is In few months we will also get details of election data for Sikkim.

Sikkim sex

Sikkim sex

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  1. The capital city Gangtok is also the largest one in Sikkim.

  2. Of that, male literacy stands at In total Sikkim SK state comprises 4 districts.

  3. The cuisine, music and other recreational activities like festivals are also influenced by Sikkim's border-mates. Sikkim The state of Sikkim enveloped by the Himalayas, is a home to one of the world's highest peaks, Kanchenjunga, and as with most of the Himalayan region, Sikkim is rich in life variety and natural beauty, making it a sought after tourist destination.

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