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My beard has grown without me doing anything about it and I have to trim it to keep it in check. Although Darwin might not have been happy to hear it given his own prodigious facial hair, researchers at the University of New South Wales, in Australia, say that men who are clean shaven or have only a bit of stubble are deemed more attractive when a majority of other men have richer, more bushy facial hair.

Shaven men

In the same way that well-done classic hairstyles for women are going to attract far more men than flash-in-the-pan trends like shaving the sides of their heads, following the beard trend may only work for you while beards are still popular. Martin Brodetsky, Oxford England An analysis of fashion pictures shows that beardlessness began among young men in the 's. A good razor should always be the main focus, as cheap razors can lead to skin irritation and honestly are only good for a few uses before you need to replace them.

Shaven men

Shaven men

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  1. On the other hand, a good razor can speed up the process, it can leave you with a cleaner shave and it also reduces the risk of cuts. January 27, A man shaving his facial hair iStock.

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