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His ensuing journey to the Hall of Fame was a central reason Rodman was so emotional during his speech, as he broke down several times. He admitted on Thursday he was uncomfortable wearing the orange Hall of Fame inductee jacket, which he sported with a handful of necklaces and a Yankees cap. He thanked his parents, Carl and Dororthy, for being his first mentors.

Shaq hof speech

There were somber pauses and tearful acknowledgements, and then there were jokes and humorous anecdotes. Dennis Rodman Rodman was cut from his high school basketball team and spent time after graduation working as a janitor. He thanked his parents, Carl and Dororthy, for being his first mentors.

Shaq hof speech

Shaq hof speech

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  1. Regardless of the topic at hand, Iverson had the audience waiting on every word. Friday night when his son became a Hall of Famer, it was realized.

  2. He thanked his parents, Carl and Dororthy, for being his first mentors.

  3. Some attendees showed their dedication by wearing Iverson jerseys, donning Hoyas, Sixers and Nuggets gear. To this day, no video of the event can be found online.

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