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Hair Edit Shananay has blonde hair with an orange stripe in it. Her manager has been seen yelling at her and Shananay almost killed him with scissors.


Shananay can react very outrageous, even if people irritate her the slightest. Shananay had various jobs and it can therefore be assumed that she was wearing uniforms sometimes, for example in Ghetto Drive-Thru From Hell , where she was wearing a gray shirt and a white jacket and in The Christmas Wrapper , where she was wearing a red jacket. In Shanaynay's Idol , she actually auditioned in front of the American Idol jury, however the jury didn't like her and Shananay shot them all to death.



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  1. In Sexy Blind Date , she doesn't know anything about valets or delicacies and asks for a Capri Sun , Yoohoo and nachos in a four star restaurant. Shananay seems to have very long artificial nails, as mentioned in Shananay's Idol and Sexy Blind Date , however even in these videos, the nails are not "visible".

  2. It's a triangular, "sarcastic" eyebrow. Shananay seems to like Shane a lot even though she often calls him a faggot.

  3. In Flaws , she said to have contacts.

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