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That policy would serve us well - all the way from Wal-Mart to Washington! She drove into the first driveway and began to honk her horn repeatedly to ask for help.. She then noticed the men were immediately behind her and she felt she needed to do something at that moment.

Sgt gregory l joyner

I'm passing this along! Of course it was tagged as Snopes as an Urban Ledgend.

Sgt gregory l joyner

Sgt gregory l joyner

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  1. We as Americans need to be more discerning about what we swallow as truth and yes, be vigilant to detect those who would do us harm. The man then got into a car driven by another gentleman.

  2. Not trying to be ugly to anyone. Be very caustion of people that you do not know coming up to you

  3. She drove into the first driveway and began to honk her horn repeatedly to ask for help.. Always, "Better safe than sorry!

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