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But this post is not about that. Don't post entire comic books.

Sexylosers com

Things have changed a bit. Links to articles, videos, art, cosplay or music - Content directly related to comic books or web comics, including film and TV media.

Sexylosers com

Sexylosers com

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  1. The content of the strip was either a love-it or hate-it affair, and many people had strong feelings against it.

  2. Don't attack artists posting their content. As a side note, although I did lose a number of friends during that time I gained a few too and for that I am happy.

  3. Artists without flair can add [OC] to post titles to identify their "Original Content. Comics are often targeted at certain audiences.

  4. Read the subreddit wiki for more information about the subreddit. Translations - English translations of non-English original comics are ok as long as the translation is honest and a link to the original source is provided in a comment.

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